Part #: N1600DH08HOO

Part Category: Trigger Devices
Manufacturer: IXYS UK Westcode Ltd.
Description: Silicon Controlled Rectifier, 6840000mA I(T), 800V V(DRM)


Status Transferred
Trigger Device Type SCR
Critical Rate of Rise of Off-state Voltage-Min 400.0  V/us
DC Gate Trigger Current-Max 300.0  mA
DC Gate Trigger Voltage-Max 3.0  V
Holding Current-Max 1000.0  mA
Leakage Current-Max 200.0  mA
Non-Repetitive Pk On-state Cur 64000.0  A
On-State Voltage-Max 1.06  V
Operating Temperature-Min -40.0  Cel
Operating Temperature-Max 125.0  Cel
Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage 800.0  V
Sub Category Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
Surface Mount NO